The Museum of the Bench gets its very own instagram page…

For our loyal bench-collectors and TGIBenchDay enthusiasts, we have some wonderful news!

Since the beginning of 2023, @museumofthebench has been the new home for #TGIBenchDay and the #TGIBenchDayContest! So many people have brought and continue to bring us compelling captures of bench designs, perspectives and even dioramas that still turn the heads of even the most experienced bench collectors, and we here at Kcymaerxthaere are very, very grateful!

So, because Kcymaerxthaere is a global art project that encompasses not just the Museum of the Bench but so very much more, we thought that this new growth was an opportunity for a distinct home for this plethora of amazing benches and bench experiences—a home that still expresses the Kcy spirit and the vision of museum founder Park Lee Taf. (And, yes, we’ll always have benches in our Kcymaerxthaere IG feed!) We want to give the Museum of the Bench an open space to continue building our community of bench collectors and enthusiasts.

Here are a few of our favorite benches from collectors in 2022: