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#StoriesOfKcymaerxthaere goes to the Moon in Episode 6


Join us for the 6th episode of Kcymaerxthaere’s IGTV Series, #StoriesOfKcymaerxthaere. This week we learn about the puzzle of Nyelvate shapewords that we placed on the Moon by the mighty and majestic Yaarayehyay birds.

Click here to tune in on Instagram. The entire series is also available on YouTube.

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Specific to the creatures known as Xthaedransg, it is a biological quality of an individual xthaedra that is akin to a gender. Xthaedransg were known to have 12 amo!.

In A Sentence

Every young Xthaedra had 11 parents—with the child’s own amo! being the 12th.