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Eames Demetrios: Kymaerica at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, England


  • RT @daraconnects: Hear what Eames Demetrios, Geographer-at-Large, Kcymaerxthaere / Eames Foundation has to say about Dara. https://t.co/Xwn…

  • RT @danieljglenn: As you can see, remnants of the battle are still present, with bleached bones still littering the site. If you want to f…

  • RT @nikiskene: I would love to invite you to join todays journey into #Kcymaerxthaere a parallel universe, conducted by geographer at large…

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[FAIR-inn GET-pake]


(Proper Name)


A man who offered aid and comfort to Culev Larsze and Jlotkammen. A true Pjerumahty (Champion) despite the rudeness of his village.

In A Sentence

One of the most famous Pjerumahty (Champions) of Kcymaerxthaere, Færin Gætpayk, lived near this spot when this place was not only far from any town, but also a bit further from the Sun.