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01/09/2021 4:00 pm PST

He’s back! For round 2! Chef Steve Couch @mreatright returns for another linguistic culinary adventure with the #GeographerAtLarge @eamesdemetrios — this next round of cookie decorating (and savory treats!) will be hosted over Zoom on January 9th at 4:00 pm PST. All are welcome—please send us a direct message to get the Zoom invite! And check out the IndieGoGo campaign to get your very own #KcyCookieCutters to bake and make along with us.

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Specific to the creatures known as Xthaedransg, it is a biological quality of an individual xthaedra that is akin to a gender. Xthaedransg were known to have 12 amo!.

In A Sentence

Every young Xthaedra had 11 parents—with the child’s own amo! being the 12th.