TED speaker Eames: The Intimacy of our Imagination and Imaginary Places

Saturday, November 21st | @IdeasWorthDoing, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Saturday 21 Nov, 2 to 3pm SG GMT+8 // 5-6pm Melb AEST GMT+11, followed by virtual drinks

The Intimacy of our Imaginations and Imaginary Places

Join global TED and multi-TEDx speaker Eames Demetrios to explore the power of our imagination and imaginary places. Eames is the creator and storyteller of Kcymaerxthaere — which you can think of as an imaginative story set in a parallel world which has different chapter stories and physical manifestations in numerous geographic parts of our planet.
Together with local communities and artisans, Eames has installed 142 physical sites around the planet: at Everest, underwater off Indonesian islands, and the latest one forming a shape spanning 1400 miles, off the coast of Portugal. These installations and story markers narrated on large broze plaques can be also be found and read at Straits Clan house in Chinatown, Singapore; and 7 sites around Australia.

Join us LIVE and for post-event ‘drinks’ after..

  • Eames Demetrios, Geographer-at-Large, storyteller, TED and TEDx speaker.
  • Dave Lim, founding curator TEDxSingapore 2009-19 (host)
  • Tanya Simpson, TEDxMelbourne (co-host)

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