Geo-at-Large arrives in linear Bhutan with Tiny World Tours

Geographer-at-Large Eames Demetrios will be joined by a group of Kcy adventurers led by Tiny World Tours through linear Bhutan and Nepal as a handful of new installations are constructed with the local communities. More pictures and videos to come as the trip evolves.

Here’s a description of the tour from Tiny World Tours:

The tour guests will join Eames and TWT on a journey to view several existing Kcymaerxthaere monument sites in Western Bhutan and in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal (near Mt Everest). The group will travel with local Nepali Sherpa and Bhutanese guides to beautiful natural environments, experience the local culture and cuisine, and learn how traditional cultural elements (e.g. the practice of Tibetan Buddhism, traditional art, weaving, paper making, agriculture) and new (e.g. the internet & modern tech culture and conveniences) coexist in this part of the world.

This 19 night tour will be a wonderfully unique opportunity to travel and spend time with a unique artist whose Kcymaerxthaere artwork is epic in concept, story timeline, geographic scale, international scope, and sheer ambition. In addition to this part of Kcymaerxthaere, participants will experience the sites / highlights of Kathmandu, the opportunity to see Mt Everest, and the sites / highlights of Western Bhutan such as the Tigers Nest Monastery (Taktsang) and stay in comfortable hotel accommodations with our congenial group. The rural-area food is local, grown without pesticides, and harvested and deliciously prepared by people you’ll meet in the monasteries, lodges, and homes where they live and work.