Announcing the Winners of the April 2023 #TGIBenchDayContest

Following our March 2023 winners from yesterday, we have the April 2023 edition to round out. It’s our great pleasure to announce our 4th round of winners of the #TGIBenchDayContest!

Taking home the Collecting Peace Prize (aka the Judge’s Choice Award) is TGIBenchDayContest veteran @instogtom. This diorama is quite impressive as it’s partly built with wood, some boulders, and very much surrounded with water. A peaceful easy feeling washes over the brave visitor who crosses the rapids to approach this bench and sit for awhile. We thought this bench was pure excellence, and we’ll just say that this one is “finding peace in the midst of the stream.”

As for the Popular Vote, newcomer @bethietoon sweeps the category with her hilltop diorama. This one’s a front row seat to an epic view. The bench itself is a smooth-edged concrete construction that looks cool to the touch, perfect for after a long hike up the hills. Additionally, the bench is immersed in trees and well-shaded. The serenity is palpable. We can see why bench-voting community was drawn to this diorama.

Congrats to all of our winners, runners-up, and honorable mentions for our April 2023 edition! And remember: When you collect benches, you collect peace!

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