Celebrating 15 Years: The 16th All-Kymaericas Spelling Bee to Arrive to Nova Scotia

Tuesday, March 17th | @Art Bar +Projects at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Celebrating 15 years, the 16th All-Kymaericas Spelling Bee will take place once again this year on March 17th at 6:00 pm AST at the Art Bar+Projects, a space for art happenings at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halfiax.

Also of note: this is the first time for the Kcy Spelling Bee to take place in an international location off-site from its usual location in linear Paris, Illinois (at the site of Embassy Row: Heart of the Parisian Diaspora.)

If you’re planning to attend as a Speller, please RSVP by messaging us here. We will send you a free PDF of the glossary to study from!

To watch the proceedings of the event, tune in to Instagram Live. The contest will be broadcast for the entire duration.