Cookie Cutters of Kcymaerxthaere, 1st Edition

Friday, November 27th | @KcyCentral

Limited Edition Parallel Universe Cookie Cutters–in a beautiful, little known language (+ a book!)

May we suggest a fun new way of communicating thoughts through flour and sugar to add to your holiday baking routine?! At KcyCentral, we are embracing our time at home in a very sweet way: we are launching our very first limited edition Kcy Cookie Cutters—they are now **officially available** on our IndieGoGo. We hope these cookie cutters will bring some joy, some thinking, and of course——some cookies. . . what’s more, you can learn a parallel world language while you bake!

Please help us meet our campaign goal to publish our first Kcymaerxthaereal dictionary: Baker-Physicists’ Abridged Dictionary of Beshwa Nyelvate Shapewords

Visit our campaign here.

We’re celebrating a special language from our parallel universe by making cookie cutters and the first dictionary of these words.  But we need your help to do this.  Baking is one of those wonderful family and community activities that’s been around for a long time for all linear humans. And these shape words are a lot of fun too!  Please join us on the journey of inviting folks to look at the world in new ways.