Flyover Country: Showcase

Tuesday, October 5th | @Virtual event; globally inclusive

The Flyover Country: Showcase will present the work 14 artists have been engaged in through a collaborative workshop that we ran in July 2021. Organized in partnership with Kcymaerxthaere, Jaaga & BeFantastic, ‘Flyover Country’ is a story from the parallel universe of Kcymaerxthaere as conceived by Geographer-at-Large, Eames Demetrios. A group of visual artists, new media artists, animators and muralists from Bangalore responded to this story as the crux of our visual explorations, to manifest their imaginations into renderings of murals that we hope to paint onto a flyover in Bangalore when the situation with the pandemic permits.

Although this event has come to pass, you can visit the highly interactive, socially-driven, gamified virtual landscape we’ve set up for the event on Gather.Town: Flyover Country: Showcase Gather.Town