The geological marvel Jumomeesta is spotlighted in Ep. 3 of #StoriesOfKcymaerxthaere

Tuesday, April 14th | @KcyCentral

Join us for the 3rd episode of Kcymaerxthaere’s IGTV Series, #StoriesOfKcymaerxthaere. Episode 3 of the #Kcymaerxthaere IGTV storytelling series is now live. Our third episode, Jumomeesta (The Monolith), tells us of very rare and special places called vela/ (vuh-LAHZ), which are places where the dreams of imaginary creatures come to life. This vela/ in particular is found high up on the cliff-face of Jumomeesta.

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Stay tuned for next week’s episode on a mysterious–but very useful–language of shapes.