विचारका स्ट्रेण्डहरू (Strands of Thought)

  • Linear Location

    Near the Town of Najing, Nepal (27°33'21"N 86°34'13"E)


Installation was mostly complete in early September 2018, but the final piece (with the text)  was added a month or so later.  This was the first site in linear Nepal, part of an intended trek  to follow the path of Wu/drōciell at a critical point in her journey.

This is one of our largest Nyelvate words to date, though there will be much bigger ones as well.  Nyelvate is the shape language which is widely used between wildly divergent creatures.  But the form that is used most often is Beshwa Nyelvate–which is primarily 2 to 3 dimensions but by convention qualities such as texture and color–and even that light ridge on the top of this form–can be used to indicate the equivalent of tense, or volume, or accent or such qualities.


There is a road from Phaplu to Junbesi that passes through Najing.  After you pass the junction of the 2 rivers, you will be about 10 minutes walk away.

Dedication Date

The formal dedication was October 26, 2018

What is Written Here

The part of the story installed here:

Strands of Thought

Nyelvate is one of the shape languages of Kcymaerxthaere, originally spoken by biologically aquatic people but now, in simplified form, spoken by many. This entire form is actually a single word—a Nyelvate word meaning “Strands of Thought.” It is believed by some to symbolize the relentless Wu/drōciell’s shifting attitude towards her goal, especially after seeing the two high mountains. For others, this simply marks the place where a Yaarayehyay, a five-and-a-half winged bird that can fly through many dimensions—and even to the Moon, let fall a word it was taking to its nest. Whoever is right, it is known that Wu/ drōciell passed this place on her way to Tāyakōphalla.

And in Nepali...

विचारका स्ट्रेण्डहरू

नेलभेट (Nyelvate) केसिमेइरक्सथेर (Kcymaerxthaere) नमूना भाषाहरू मध्येको एक हो, जुन मौलिक रूपमा जैविक रूपमा उद्धित मानिसहरूद्वारा बोलिथ्यो तर अहिले सरलीकृत स्वरूपमा धेरै मानिसहरूले बोल्ने गर्छन्। यो समग्र स्वरूप वास्तवमा एकल शब्द—नेलभेट (Nyelvate) हो जसले अर्थ “विचारका स्ट्रेण्डहरू” हुन्छ। निर्दयी Wu/ drōciell को शिफ्टिङ मनोवृ्तिलाई उहाँको उद्देश्यतर्फ संकेत गर्नका लागि केही मानिसहरूले, विशेष गरी दुई वटा अग्ला हिमालहरू हेरिसकेपछि यसमा विश्वास गर्छन्। अन्यका लागि, सामान्य रूपमा त्यस्तो ठाउँलाई संकेत गर्छ जहाँ Yaarayehyay, पाँच वटा र आधा पँखेटा भएको चरा बस्छ जुन चरा धेरै आयामहरूका साथै— चन्द्रमासम्म पनि उड्न सक्छ, यो शब्दले यसलाई आफ्नो गुँडमा लैजाने वस्तुलाई जनाउँछ। जोपनि सही हुनसक्छ, यो भनिन्छ कि Wu/ drōciell यो ठाउँलाई Tāyakōphalla को बाटोमा बिताउनुभयो।



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