Faltese Pømzhirl Impact Site (Triangles)

  • Linear Location

    Several miles East and South of Deming, New Mexico (32°4'38"N 107°29'56"W)


The quite closeby marker Triangles tells much of the story, because this is one of the few Kcymaerxthaere Historic Sites which is entirely sculptural and visual (though there are some rather fascinating No Trespassing signs).  That said, one can sense the feeling of the impact site from what was less than a single fragment of grain of sand sent explosively here at the cataclysmic conclusion of the Battle of Some Times.

This was the 72nd installation of the Kcymaerxthaere project and it took over one Pezhephen Year to complete.  Some of the images below will show massive flooding—a huge New Mexico monsoon came through on our first attempt and we were rained out completely, with the massive trucks almost stuck in the mud.  Green and black toads emerged from the Earth.  It was incredible.  It took 2 and a half linear years to regroup with another teams and come back and finish.


It is accessible any time of day or night, as long as you are patient, careful and respectful to the site.  It’s about 21 miles from the Akela Flats offramp for I-10.  Basically you head west on NM-549 towards Deming, NM for about 5 miles.  Then you take a left on Franklin and stay on it for about 13 miles.  It actually is not a straight-line road, jogging left and then right—so it continues heading south. Finally you take a RIGHT on a dirt road called Palo Alto and go to the fence line (not too far), take a RIGHT.  Go to the 4th street down and lake a LEFT, go down about 200 feet and it is on the right.  Street is called Gaviota.

Public Dedication

There has not been a formal dedication as such, though members of the border patrol visited us after we were done.  They were quite friendly.

This was Kcymaerxthaere installation #073 and the thirty-ninth in the linear United States.

Text of the Site

No text besides the sign.

Wider view of the Triangles plaque inset into part of the Chej-Asos Triangle.

Closer view of the text of the story on the Triangles plaque.

Text of the “Faltese Impact Site (Triangles)” marker.

Impact Site

Views of the Impact Crater feature of the installation.

The Impact Crater as seen at first light.

A view of the stone steps leading into the Impact Crater, with nearby mountains in the background.

Reverse angle view of the Impact Crater.

Another angle of the Impact Crater.

Six Lines of Verdó

Often considered a symbol of power and force of strength and will.

The 6 Lines of Verdo as seen at first light.

Front view of The 6 Lines of Verdo.

Side view of The 6 Lines of Verdo with nearby mountains in the background.


A look at some of the beautiful and functional details of the installation.

An overview of the Impact Crater, with installed title and legal disclaimer signage in the foreground.

A closer look at the legal disclaimer sign.

A close look at the varying texture of the stones comprising the Impact Crater left by a Pømzhirl.

Where the fragmented rock meets cracked earth.

A detail shot from the surface of the plaque.

A side detail shot of the Chej-Asos Triangle.


Some scenic vistas of the installation.

An overview of the Impact Crater at first light.

A view of the Chej-Asos Triangle with the Impact Crater in the background at first light.

A closer view of the Chej-Asos Triangle, with the plaque installed on its surface, at first light.

The First Installation attempt

These images show the flooding of the site during a New Mexican Monsoon.  We got the first load stones delivered and the trucks out just minutes before the dirt road would have been impassable.  It was over two linear years before we could try again.

Driving in the direction of an impending downpour.

Weather holding long enough to bulldoze the earth.

Ominous clouds close in as the first load of stones is unloaded.

Skies grow darker still as the second load of stones is unloaded.

The re-construction site is quickly swamped as the deluge is let loose.

The backhoe operator and flatbed driver navigate the flooded access road.

A look at the aftermath of the downpour, as the weather starts to clear.

Work will have to wait at the flooded re-construction site.

The Second Install Attempt

Photos illustrating the various phases of the final installation process.

Bulldozing the impression for the Impact Crater.

Distributing the first loads of stones around the perimeter of the Impact Crater.

Bringing in more stones to build up the Impact Crater.

Building up the outer perimeter of the Impact Crater with the finer red gravel.

Mold for the Chej-Asos Triangle ready for pouring.

Molds for the 6 Lines of Verdo being poured.

Putting the finishing touches on the mounting of the plaque in the Chej-Asos Triangle.


Some more images of the Faltese Pømzhirl Impact Site historic site installation.

The impact crater.

The 6 Lines of Verdo.

The Chej-Asos Triangle in the foreground, with the impact crater behind it.

The Chej-Asos triangle as first light breaks over the nearby mountains.


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