Rock Wall of [Stoan Orange Glef]

  • Linear Location

    On the outskirts of Losana, Spain (41°18'18"N 3°5'15"W)


A simple wall in rural Soria in linear Spain, displays images from many artists of the 7-legged deer-like creature known as the gnacien, whose prime numbered legs are very nutritious, but whose non-prime numbered legs are poisonous unto death.  Indeed if you are not greedy, a single bite will sustain you for a month–but bite off anymore and the effect will be no different than any other type of food.


The Rock Wall is not far from the Marker: Poemas y Mapas de [Stoan Orange Glef]. Access is by parking behind the church in Losana and walking up the hill until you find a path behind some farm buildings, one of which has the wall.  It is no longer freestanding, having been incorporated into the house by its owner.

Public Dedication

On May 5, 2009, we complete the second round of disputed likenesses and restoring of old ones.  Members of the Unidad Valverde raised a toast with wine in plastic cups to honor the occasion.

This was Kcymaerxthaere installation #040 and the third in linear Spain.

Text of the Site

This site is one of very small handful of Kcymaerxthaere sites with little or no written text.  The site is simply the remnants of a a rock wall once covered with drawings and paintings of gnaciens.


These are some of the painters restoring some of the older gnacien images.


Images of the Indomitable Gnacien


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