The Star Vinggscapes

  • Linear Location

    near Veggie Nick's Cabin, Kings Creek Station, NT, Australia (24°24'31"S 131°49'2"E)


This site in the beautiful soil of Kings Creek teaches about the Vingg fruit, but also how complex it was to peel such a 17 dimensional fruit–and the extraordinary astronomical phenomenon the peel (when gotten off in a single piece) was the perfect analog for.


Please ask at reception for directions. And, if you are coming just for this, buy a burger or some supplies from the good folks of Kings Creek Station who are kcynd enough to host Kcymaerxthaere.

Be sure to look at the constellations on the underside of the nearby shelter.

Public Dedication

There has not been one as yet.  But perhaps when 2 other sites in the Northern Territory are completed we can arrange a few ceremonies.

What is Written In the Reddish Concrete of Enntea

The part of the story installed here:

The Star Vinggscapes

After the defeat of the Material Alliance, the Laයy/ev (sometimes called the People of the Rock) controlled most of this vast land. To celebrate their triumph, the victors proposed the impossible: completing a physical atlas of all known constellations, not just those viewed from Earth, but as seen in countless vistas throughout the heavens. Of all the creatures without metabolism, the xthaedransg, with stellar lunar credentials and made mostly of dimensions, edges and sides, were particularly sought after for this endeavor. And so it was that xthaedra pattern scientist Sletmer Poestant Wyahngeau came to this place with a solution.

Vinggscapes are structured after the husk of the delicious 17 dimensional fruit, the vingg, whose rippled peel is like an onion with layers both discrete and continuous. Wyahngeau remembered the proverb that the real fruit of the vingg was the exactingly slow pleasure of blading along its compounded curves to release its peel in one elegant but highly complex piece. Building on that form, both gridded plane and echoing curve, Wyahngeau began on this spot the great multi-dimensional map, soon many days across, nesting pattern in constellatory pattern. It was Wyahngeau themself who recognized the role of, the Nyelvate word for reflection, in the habits of various astral predators

There was a particular moon in the thrall of the nebula Bepela that attracted Wyahngeau’s interest. From that moon, all the stars in that particular night sky formed a vast constellation, a labyrinth—which was also the only way to find the young of the Calaකovti, an unforgiving creature that lived in the fiery heart of certain stars and feared only itself. So is it any wonder the Vinngscapes of this place would both save and jeopardize what we call the Earth many times over? Indeed, this dual power was never more present than in the epic challenge of the /evreil Evleksea (sometimes called The Great Reflection).



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