Towards the place called . . .

  • Linear Location

    On the top of Rotnangay, Nepal, in the vicinity of Sagarmatha, Chomolungma, (or Mt. Everest). Also near Tāyakōphalla, (also called Nyukte, n’Tavria). (27°30'48"N 86°37'5"E)



about 2 hour hike or a 90 drive up from Phaplu

Public Dedication

Was October 22, 2018 not long after dawn.

What it says on the bench . . .

The part of the story installed here:

Towards the place called . . .

Towards the place called Sagarmāthā, Chomolungma, Mt Everest

Towards the place called Nyukte, Tāyakōphalla, n’Tavria. Wu/ drōciell rested here.

This bench replica is a gift from the Museum of the Bench, the original is in their collection.

Installation courtesy

And in Nepali...

Towards the place called . . .

Sagarmāthā, Chomolungma, सगरमाथा भिनने ठाउँतफर्

Nyukte, Tāyakōphalla, n’Tavria भिनने ठाउँतफर्। Wu/ drōciell यहाँ ब􁳩ुभयो

यो बेन्चको प्रतिरूप, बेन्चको संग्राहलयको उपहार हो, यसको मौलिक तिनीहरूको संकलनमा छ।

स्थापना सौजन्य

Construction Process



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