Ways of the Subtracted Infinities

  • Linear Location

    on our linear Moon


This one is NOT actually at 0 degrees latitude and 0 degrees longitude, but it is the only site so far NOT intended to be on what we call Earth.

This site is designed to be installed on the Moon by two astronauts working a total of 24 extravehicular person-hours.  The astronauts would train for 6 months to know the shape inside and out.  Surface time could be reduced by the use of a rover, assuming surface conditions are acceptable.

The text you read below is the translation of the Nyelvate words that make up the shape.  There will also be a bench on the Moon nearby for observation.

This project is numbered 121.1–it will get its own number when built.  We will include 1 or 2 such extraterrrestrial locations in each folio to leave some work for future generations.  (Each Folio will have 138 markers and historic sites–we are shooting for around 10 or 15.)


There is not access for 2 reasons: the first is that it has not been built yet; the second relates to that as well–the reason it has not been built yet is that it is on the Moon.  There is no regular way to get there for now.  The location of the installation will be the NorthEast (by linear convention) Plain of Crater Theophilus

Selenographic Coordinates: S 10.55 E 26.62

However from the Kcymaerxthaereal perspective, the rezhn (or rezhn analogues) have been insufficiently confirmed. We have not had time to research their borders and even whether their borders function as ours do.

Public Dedication

Too early to schedule . . .

Text of the Site, to be written in Nyelvate too

The part of the story installed here:


A generation of generations ago, a self-centered xthaedra (a creature without metabolism: all edges, but no solid—and always in contact with stone) was uncommon, but far from unheard of—a bit surprising given the radical self-sacrifice which coursed through just about all xthaedransg strands of thought. Indeed their most famous prophecy demanded self-sacrifice nearly to the level of erasure, and the knowledge to accept that fate when it was time.

Delfmenti was one of the different ones, loved and feared for and by his extended family for jeopardizing unity. He dreamed of taking a trip to the Moon, riding a heavy stone Nyelvate word clutched by a Yaarayehyay (the great five and a half winged birds that could fly through Time and Space and other Jemvelac [qualities of existence]). Friends warned that only the one that brought him, could return him—he could run out of Time. But he scoffed: by doing the impossible, he would be the imaginary creature—a plan that would let him own the vela/—which you see, is the place where the dreams of imaginary creatures come to life!

A hypnotic whisper assured him: “You won’t run out of Time on the Moon,” as he flew there—through space and Ferylemt—on the back of the Yaarayehyay clutching this very word. His story would be famous throughout any and all Jemvela!

Since Delfmenti was a creature without metabolism, no elements could threaten him, so long as he was touching stone. Xthaedransg were the perfect creatures for positioning the stone on the moon in its correct pattern. And although Delfmenti had noticed Xthaedransg never returned, he was sure his plan was more clever. But the great birds were not neutral, their role was not just to subtract infinities with this stone poem and puzzle, but to slow fate before the universe ran out of time. The half wing of the Yaarayehyay was what let it navigate through all qualities of existence, including [the feeling of being sheltered from and yet quite exposed to a high wind] (the name is actually in a language of experience).

So after landing with the stone and placing it carefully in this spot, the bird pivoted into a new dimension, catching Delfmenti off balance and causing him to drop the stone to the lunar surface. He realized too late that the confidence inspiring whisper had been a trick—and he had run out of time. Now he was forever on the Moon, and from the depths of the lunar stone more and more of his trapped cousins appeared.

Then, suddenly, there was a luminous texture of textures on the lunar surface, as the great bird slowly flicked its half wing, gifting the crowd the equivalent of light from every dimension in every quality of existence in the xthaere. It persisted there, floating over the now uniform renegades—savoring the fading glow and beginning a new wait.

Legend says the soft light of the Moon comes from the longings of the stranded xthaedransg, forever subtracted. But, as any child will tell you, each month’s thin New Moon is the Moon’s smile—and its light comes from the not so small number of xthaedransg who are infinitely happy to be safe there: like Delfmenti.

—as translated from the Nyelvate.


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