Pair of Kcy Cookie Cutters (Love and Unintended Consequences)

Brave enough to send a special message with just two Kcymaerxthaere cookie cutters?

Romantic? Love & Xæzharai (Treasured One).

Cheeky? Love & Unintended Consequences.

Mom & Apple Pie? Family & Tenderness.

See other pairing options in the Beshwa Nyelvate Dry Goods section of the Kcy Exports Store.

Includes limited edition shapeword print in cobalt blue, as well as the six-page Decorator’s Guide. All cutters are etched with Kcymaerxthaere 1E, denoting them as the very first edition of this collector’s item (yes, they’re limited edition!)

Cookie cutters are made with kitchen-safe stainless steel. Some Metal Distortion in Shipping normal.

$37.00 (Shipping included for US only.)