A Precinct For Gods

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    The Church, Franklinford, Victoria, Australia (37°14'13"S 144°6'47"E)


In the runup to the Battle of Some Times, there were many ominous threads. One was Kmpass’ practice of kidnapping people and creatures from around the world in order to provoke a final conflict where the complexity of the worlds was destroyed–and this gwome was no exception. There was an extra level of poignance given the special meaning of the word Kmpass in the Jihn Wranglikan tongue.


Just off Hepburn-Newstead Road, just south of Franklinford Crossroads (on east side of road).

It is right near the old center of Franklinford, which is not that far from Daylesford. There is even an old tennis court up the hill going through some delightful entropy.

To stay at the location, contact the place itself.  Link soon

Public Dedication

In Franklinford, Australia, with a beautiful performance of the song Bravenleavanne.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

A Precinct For Gods

The church you see was built more or less on the site of a similar Jihn Wranglikan structure, even mimicking certain aspects of its form. The tdgurtdg (as it was called) was surrounded by several haumstedler kabins for scholars. And, in turn, this cluster was just one of many religious sites within 1500 wSeoths (roughly 2230 linear meters) of this marker: kirks, mosques, temples, fire altars (for Sandafuegans), echo stones (for People of the Rock), Houses of Warship (for Potemkents – followers of maritime death shrines), but no place for Kmpass, the Urgend God of Directionality, who was always trying to make the world a little too simple.

Interestingly, with their Talmudic obsession for geography (they calibrated all the events of the Bible to what we call pCalifornia), each Jihn Wranglikan structure had a kmpass, or floor compass. This name confusion had caused much ignorant violence, but the elders refused change, feeling it would be a victory for that God. So, even here, one of the remotest tdgurtdges on what we call the Earth was destroyed by a mob angry at the Urgend God who, in the confusion, had the last laugh—kidnapping the three Olinfr Brothers in his bid for a final conflict—the Battle of Some Times.


Permanently affixing stone with inset plaque into position.

Turnout for the dedication ceremony.


View of the church from the road

Front view of church with entrance.


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