Angel Alley and Surrounds

  • Linear Location

    Whitechapel district, London, United Kingdom. (51°30'58"N 0°4'14"W)


This was one of the catalytic events of the rebellion against the Royal Family of Rockall, sparked by Esther Tabran’s heartbroken outrage over her sister Martha’s death. Ironically, it would turn out that the Crown Prince was innocent of this particular crime–but guilty of so much decadence besides that it mattered very little. And so the first steps to The Unsoiling of Rockall were taken.

Angel Alley is at:
84b Whitechapel High street, London E1, United Kingdom

Angel Alley was not on google maps (at last check point). Look for the Freedom Bookstore or the rear entrance to the Whitechapel Art Gallery.


Go down Angel Alley off Whitechapel Street (not far from Whitechapel Art Gallery). The alley can be found just to the left of a KFC, near the rear entrance of Whitechapel Art Gallery and past the front of Freedom Bookshop. So, with Whitechapel Street to your back, you walk a more or less straight line going past the current entrance of Freedom Books until you make a diagonal jog to your left and then you will be in the space depicted in the top image. (Interestingly, one of the most difficult Kcymaerxthaere sites to find.)

Public Dedication

Plaque was installed on March 15, but first public presentation was 3/17/7 at the Kymaerica London Bus Tour.

This was Kcymaerxthaere installation #027 and the second in the linear UK.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Angel Alley and Surrounds

A generation of generations ago, at the time of the Rockall Ascendancy, most of this area, owned by the Royal Family of distant Rockall, was a fiefdom of filth and wretchedness. It was here, searching for her sister, that the formidable Esther Tabran clearly saw Crown Prince Jyorge furtively step out of Georges Yard that lethal morning. Too late to save Martha, Esther’s unbridled and unrepentant outrage was a key link in the chain that left the once mighty empire a mere rump of rock accenting the sea.

View from a different vantage point of installed plaque.

Of Whitechapel District, London

Images of sights surrounding the installation site.

Inside iron gate of Postman’s Park.

Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice Loggia in Postman’s Park.


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