Before the March

  • Linear Location

    Penduka, Goreangab Dam, Katatura Twnshp, Windhoek, Namibia (22°31'35"S 17°0'55"E)



The plaque is on the grounds of the Penduka collective, which is in the Katatura district of Windhoek, the capital of linear Namibia. We recommend you call or email ahead before you go. They have a store, a restaurant and some simple but satisfying rooms to stay in. As always we encourage you to support the businesses that have chosen to support Kcymaerxthaere.

Public Dedication

At the public dedication of this plaque, the Geographer-at-Large told stories to the community and acknowledged the embroiderers who were creating the limited editions of these stories. Simple refreshments and food were available for the whole community.

Writing by the shores of Goreangab Dam

The part of the story installed here:

Before the March

In Kcymaerxthaereal times, this was no lake, but the vast natural amphitheater where the Armies of Complexity gathered before their warrior-leader, Kirguellin. Standing here, his great voice and pure words charged every heart below towards the sea, to the Faltese – the infamous rezhn where the ocean floor was a superheated desert boiling away all waters but a thin surface. A desperate place for a desperate fight: The Battle of Some Times, the final stand against Kmpass, the Urgend God of Directionality – the one who is always trying to make the world a little too simple.

Installed Before the March plaque.


The women’s collective in Windhoek Namibia that hand embroidered the three central Kcymaerxthaere stories of Kirguellin, The Eqlmundi of Culev Larsze, and Story of Eliala Mei-Ning.

Picture form Penduka.

Picture form Penduka.


Building the mold, pouring the concrete, and mounting the plaque.

Building the plywood mold for the concrete installation form.

Reinforcing the mold, and troweling the wet concrete.


The women of Penduka who hand embroidered the three central Kcymaerxthaere stories.

M Gases proudly displaying a couple of her embroideries.

M Hoaes proudly displaying a couple of her embroideries.

Kirguellin Before the March Embroideries


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