Berkomitmen (Commitment)

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    Wayang Kampung, Wonogiri, Central Java, Indonesia (7°51'43"S 110°48'24"E)


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Public Dedication

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Berkomitmen (Commitment)

The five and a half wings of the powerful birds of prey called the Yaarayehyay allowed them to fly not just through Time and Space, but other qualities of existence as well in their search for nesting material—even traveling to distant stars. But the kind of form upon which this is written was stumbled upon much nearer at home by a lovesick young man who went by a numeric name: 62. The great birds were so pleased by his discovery they rewarded him by letting him ride on their backs to a vela/: a place of extraordinary healing—even healing of the heart.

As for the shape itself, it not only matches many dimensions of a Nyelvate (shape language) word meaning “to commit utterly,” it is said to be the very shape expression uttered by the legendary undersea ruler and explorer Fentaøngayd himself when he scattered to the world his final Necklace of Life. Perhaps because of that, it has also become the term for those who search for unifying knowledge of all healing or connecting kinds—from the toymaker Naymand to the great pattern scientist Surphell. And the great birds who brought this shape here would never surrender such a powerful gift—so perfect for the nest that would shelter and teach their young.

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