Buttonwillow Bivouac

  • Linear Location

    Near Morongo & Popet, Buttonwillow, California, USA (35°26'4"N 119°23'37"W)


Though this is scarcely the most important of the many locations associated with the battle between Alleigh and its water colony, one sees two important things in particular: first, the way our language remains influenced by these xthaereal conflicts and second, that the Tehachapi were quite successful in insisting that their roads not be used for military purposes.

Concerns a phase in Alleigh’s invasion of the Lobos Creek water colony (which eventually became the gwome of San Francisco).

Some aspects detailed in the book, Wartime California.


Address: Near Popet and Morongo

Best way to get there is to get to 7th Standard Road (I am pretty sure there is an exit both north and south from Interstate 5). It is the exit just north of the Buttonwillow Exit. Anyway, you go East on 7th Standard Road from I5. Take a right (going south) on Morongo–the sign is often missing. (Tracy Road is before Morongo and Brandt Road is East of Morongo. Also–just to make life interesting, it is called MorAngo Road on Google Maps; which is silly because it was named for the Bishop Morongo in Notgeon). Eventually you’ll see a sign for Morongo and Popet, it is south east of that on the left about 50 yards or so.

You can also use GPS to get into the right area. It is southeast of the big blue irrigation pipes. It is quite tricky to find. If it is not there, please keep looking and provide us with an uptodate Latitude and Longitude. It is east of Morongo Road–NOT in the farmed land.

Public Dedication

No public dedication. Just a simple ceremony by the two installers.

This was Kcymaerxthaere installation #025 and the twenty-fourth in what we call the United States.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Buttonwillow Bivouac

As their water colony of Lobos Creek (linear San Francisco) prepared for its fateful vote—where a victory for war hero and independence candidate Nora Hawkes was unacceptable, Alleigh’s Racial Junta began to pre-position troops well clear of any Tehachapic sphaltways or “Rest Areas.” The legendary soldier’s soldier, Sarge Brannan, and his regiment (the 3rd Black) bivouacked here, joining the advance ten days before the election. Interestingly, a ten day march is still known as a “buttonwillow,” since this staging area is also ten days from the other water colony of Owenzverndt and Alleigh’s rival, Sandafuegos.


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