Cave without Walls (无壁之穴)

  • Linear Location

    Waterhouse on South Bund, Shanghai, China (31°13'12"N 121°30'20"E)



Public Dedication

Geographer-at-Large gave a storytelling talk at the Waterhouse on South Bund Hotel.

Text in English

The part of the story installed here:

Cave without Walls

On this site once stood an overground cave—its interior unprotected by stone or substance; its very air contained only by the will of those residing within. Here Mlates gi Dunhuira rested on her epic, twinned journey to rejoin Nobunaga-Ventreven and tumbles (meaning something like herds) of the impish life forms called Tlapak sometimes hid from abferyl storms. But most important, it was the birthplace of Jerely Binnh, the man who could make anything grow.

Text in Chinese


此处曾坐落着一个地上洞穴– 其洞壁非垣岩土石所成,而是由穴中住民的意志力,将洞内的空气包涵容


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