Central Engineering District

  • Linear Location

    Las Vegas, Nevada (36°11'15"N 115°9'55"W)


Concerns the “capital” founded by the so-called Second Band of the Tehachapi who settled in what we would call North America after the expulsion from what we would call Australia–but they called Estrelliia (the initial “k” was neither written nor pronounced. They passed through the gwome known as Ve Tehachapi, eventually making their way here.

After their disastrous experiences at the Battle of the Devil’s Marbles, it is little wonder that they are committed to an extreme form of non-partisanship–not even giving themselves a formal capital.


At the intersection of Comstock and Goldhill, visible from the street.

Public Dedication

Dedication is still to come.

This was Kcymaerxthaere installation #036 and the thirty first in the linear United States.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Central Engineering District

The Tehachapi were the great road building culture of Kymaerica and, though their achievements surround us (indeed many roads in our linear world literally rest on or closely follow Tehachapic sphaltways), few know their ancestors were driven from the rezhn of Estrelliia [the initial “k” is not usually written] in defeat after the Battle of Devil’s Marbles. Crossing what we call the Pacific on rafts of asphalt, then heading inland until encountering a landscape that echoed their home, they settled here near long since depleted tar seeps. Here too fell the shadow of the Musicians Guild, or Macadamy, just one element of the Central Engineering District (to avoid provocation, the capital had no other formal name) from which the vast Tehachapic network was guided and maintained.


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