Chupacabra Territory

  • Linear Location

    Beryl Townsite, Utah, US (37°52'55"N 113°40'8"W)


Chupacabras are bloodsucking creatures that inhabit the night. They are quite well known in what we call the linear world. Strangely most alleged sightings do not show the wings for which they are well known. Even this wikipedia entry displays an image with no discernible wings.

It may be that part of the difficulty is that their behavior in the Kymaerican world and the linear world is markedly different for reasons that are understandable but not completely clear. For example, chupacabras prey on a variety of warmblooded creatures and even some cold-blooded ones in the gwomes of the Kymaerican rezhn, but only on goats and humans here in the linear world.


Take Road 9600N west 10 blocks from the North Beryl Highway. Take a right (north) and go about 100 feet or so, then walk west (left) about 70 feet from the road.

Always be careful of rattlesnakes and other hazards — and look to your left (west). Walk in about 70 feet or so and look around. You’ll find it eventually.

Public Dedication

Two installers performed the ceremony.

Plaque installed at Beryl Townsite, in Linear Utah. Explains the powerful presence of the Chupacabra in this vast gwome.

This was Kcymaerxthaere installation #035 and the second in xUtah–in what we call the United States.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Chupacabra Territory

Like many creatures, and even some humans, Chupacabras use their knowledge of the umbrasphere to ease their way past dusks and dawns to find gwomes at the dead of night. This makes them fearsome predators, as their eyes are adjusted to the dark for years—not mere hours like their prey. This vast gwome [something akin to a nation], with its invisible lines delineating the chunk of ocean desert floor that landed here after the Battle of Some Times, represents the extreme chexkalateral extension of the habitat of the unusually communal Febrine Chupacabra. Not only do they live in a kind of optimized night, they, like all Chupacabras, prefer home ranges like this that are possessed of a sweeping darkness. Interestingly, that darkness is generally deeper than that of nearby territories—whose denizens often bring goats and other offerings in an incompletely successful effort to keep the chupacabras sated and the moon brighter.


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