Creatures of Density

  • Linear Location

    Mundrabilla Roadhouse, Mundrabilla, WA, Australia (31°49'4"S 128°13'30"E)


In our linear world, the Nullarbor is perched above a huge (hundreds of kilometers across) block of limestone. This seems to resonate with the story of the Agogatlovs, who were able traverse the interior of the planet. Though these creatures were strong, they were very simple–dense you might say–and actually seemed to enjoy the attentions of the Tehachapi and helping them with their work.


When you pull into the gas station at the Mundrabilla roadhouse, it is in median between the gas pumps and the store/cafe.

Public Dedication

Bruce Mulroy, proprietor of the roadhouse, helped us install it (we had brought some cement with us). Then we read the story from the marker and sang Kcymaerxthaereal songs with members (the younger set even dressed in costume!) of the Mundrabilla community. It was a great visit.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Creatures of Density

What we in the linear world call the Nullarbor is largely consistent with the long ago homeland of the Tehachapi, the great road building culture of Kcymaerxthaere. Indeed, this highway here follows an ancient Tehachapic sphaltway. Their land was also home to agogatlovs, creatures of density living utterly below the surface. No visual; no form; no metabolism: the loyal agogatlovs were indistinguishable from the earth and rock they co-existed in—but for an intense density that let them exert a strong, if localized, gravitation. They helped the Tehachapi greatly, moving everything from heavy construction equipment to the famed wheeled orchestras, easily pulling them along the surface from below.


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