Di Dalam Air di Sini (In these Waters)

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    Segara Lestari Villas, Les Village, Bali, Indonesia (8°8'0"S 115°22'37"E)


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Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Di Dalam Air di Sini (In these Waters)

Just over a free diver’s breath from this shore, one will find the Nyelvate word: ß, which means beginning. For this was the legendary site in Kcymaerxthaere where Water Moles, the creatures who can tunnel through water, were first domesticated by a young boy named Bala Qhova. This breakthrough transformed the ability of thinking beings to prosper beneath the waves. Many of the other shapes, like § which means Tenderness—are the names of Bala Qhova’s favorite Water Moles, the remarkable individuals that, in his words, taught him far more than he taught them—a humility he passed on to the 8 generations of Water Mole guides he trained personally.

∑=the current that tickles a newborn’s feet ≈=waters within waters ∞=snakefruit ◊=Reflection =mucus ¶=loyal ∆=story ∂=cavernous

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