Different Times

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    The Stupa in front of the Gangtey Palace Hotel, Paro, Bhutan (27°25'27"N 89°24'47"E)



Ferylemt is one of the qualities of existence of Kcymaerxthaere. It is a little bit difficult for those who live in a universe without it to understand. It would be like explaining Time to someone in a universe without Time. So it is often examples that suffice best.

The subtle but important event that happened here “between” Culev Larsze and Wu/druciell is such an example.


In the courtyard of the Gangtey Palace Hotel, Paro. Be respectful of the guests and management. Also, always walk around the Stupa clockwise.

Public Dedication

Scheduled for spring of 2020


Different Times

At different times, Culev Larsze and Wu/drōciell, two legendary travelers of Kcymaerxthaere, both stood at this very spot—on that, virtually all students of the topic agree. The evidence is clear that in her silent times, Culev rode here astride Jlotkammen, one of the greatest of the nayn jingkats (similar to Saber-Tooth Tigers, but more literate). They were searching for a carved stone of roughly this color honoring Wu/drōciell’s journey. But other evidence, including an extended journal entry from Wu/drōciell herself, is equally clear that Wu/drōciell passed through this place on her search for the last great mass of the treasured evriat, deliberately stopping here to see the stone marking Culev’s presence. That they each could visit first, yet also both visit second-—indicates the powerful nature of Ferylemt, a quality of existence as different from Time and Space as they are from each other. And this rezhn (area), known as [yQirwaelend], was so rich in the dimensions of Ferylemt that at times one could watch the flickering reappearance of an ancient abyss in both the clouds and lands. In a similar way, the most hidden threads of ferylemt allowed these two women–living in very different times–to somehow be both examples to, and students of, each other.

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