Eddgar and Benn

  • Linear Location

    E. of Terrace Mt., Great Salt Lake Desert, Utah, US (41°25'42"N 113°25'1"W)


This is where the penultimate chapter in the journey of Eddgar and Benn (immortalized in Wtib Testrat’s Willhamenta, the Velkristani national epic) unfolded.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: An expedition [ 11/18/2015 ] has improved the accuracy of our GPS coordinates dramatically. If you are still using the old coordinates [ N 41° 26′ 46.51″, W 113° 24′ 24.64″ ], please correct them immediately.)


Watercress, Hwy 20, Utah, US

GPS co-ordinates are your best bet.

We hope to have more detailed access soon. But essentially it is a bit east of Terrace Mountain, but still on the flat white salt plains of the Great Salt Lake Desert. (Absolute location within 50 yds. of linear coordinates,  we believe.)


There is a little place called Watercress, which is just a historical marker off Highway 30. That’s where we found a road to the salt flats and then headed east once we got on the Salt Flats, hugging the northern edge of it.

You visit there at your own risk.

Public Dedication

8,000 firecrackers were lit off.

There probably won’t be a public dedication for some time, but anyone is encouraged to photograph the site. It is a bit remote.

This was Kcymaerxthaere installation #034 and the twenty-ninth in what we call the United States.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Eddgar and Benn

On this spot, the doomed adolescent boys Eddgar and Benn, whose story likely inspired Velkristan’s epic poem, The Willamenta, were captured by a party of Dalles sent by Benn’s father. The poem’s author, Wtib Tstetrat, the bard of medieval Velkristan, was likely a distant relative who would have been brought to this far spot (or malad) at least twice by the women of his family. Most historians now believe the lovers never exchanged anything more than a long embrace before their cruel deaths.


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