Eine Schrift Erscheint (A Writing Appears)

  • Linear Location

    Skorpienplatz, near Kautzen, Austria (48°55'16"N 15°12'3"E)


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This plaque is part of the larger Kcymaerxthaere Historical Site of the same name. Between the Skorpionplatz, with its linear Celtic history, and the UFO rumors, it is a beautiful and evocative place.

The mechanism by which Schiffling Cognate works, remain mysterious, but is intriguing to consider that the original name of the lake where the Swath of Stars can be found was Lake Schiffling. Another point is that the information written on the stoan remains an excellent tool for the understanding of the meaning of archipelagoes in the Kcymaerxthaereal context.


You need to pull off by the side of the oneway, onelane road. There are plenty of spots–including for the Skorpienplatz nearby.

Public Dedication

The plaque was dedicated almost two years after the original site was honored.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Eine Schrift Erscheint (A Writing Appears)

A generation of generations ago, the people of this community found themselves afraid to leave their homes. For about a lumeme (a Cognate term meaning roughly 5 days), mysterious lights were seen in the fields each evening and strange noises heard in the day. Not long after, a child stumbled across this rock that no one had seen before. People from all around gathered to see. It was covered with an unfamiliar writing that no one could understand the second time they read it.

Over time, the writing itself faded, and people tried to remember what they had seen and read, immortalizing in slowly refreshed slabs their best reconstructions and translations of the original, which we now know to have been written in the language known as Dynamic Cognate (somewhat similar to Schiffling Cognate).