El hilo de la memoria (Threads of Memory)

  • Linear Location

    Paseo de Juan Martinez Noriega, Comillas, Spain (43°23'20"N 4°17'27"W)



Calle de Manuel Noriega, Comillas, Spain.

Public Dedication

This was Kcymaerxthaere installation #079 and the fifth in linear Spain.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

El hilo de la memoria (Threads of Memory)

When the Boy from the Sea was just five, he asked his mother what it felt like to be forgotten and she promised him he would never know. She remembered her promise (and the fear in his question) as her son escaped the great wave at a great cost. Indeed, by crossing as he did into a place like Menonterken, she knew it might well be beyond several of her lifetimes before her Boy returned, and still far from aged.

The mother goes by many names, but most are variants of stekcenne, the Ehbentic term for thread. Stekcenne waited each morning at this place, always prepared for happiness. As she grew older, she began to gather threads from Texture Flags, those essential symbols of a culture’s identity that flutter in dozens of dimensions at once. From them, she wove her new Texture Flag, singular in strength and beauty, to greet her Boy for her when she could not. But, even gentle winds wear and so, 11 generations after her last breath, the flag was but a single thread atop a pole. But for the Boy from the Sea, seeing even that at long last was enough; he had been forgiven — and never forgotten.

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