El Niño del Mar (The Boy from the Sea)

  • Linear Location

    Comillas, Spain (43°23'37"N 4°17'34"W)




Public Dedication

This was Kcymaerxthaere installation #125 and the sixth in linear Spain.

Text of the Marker

he part of the story installed here:

El Niño del Mar (The Boy from the Sea)

What child in all the worlds of Kcymaerxthaere does not know of the Boy from the Sea? Though some say he is just legend, in fact, he built great cities of sand on these very beaches. One can see today rocks where the 10 year old carved (self-taught) in the Nyelvate tongue, his mother constantly reminding him to beware of the Sea. More and—even elaborate his civilizations grew, more miniature texture flags on the highest towers—and always his mother begged him to be careful.

Late one day a giant wave crashed ashore, the roar breaking the boy too late from his trance of play. High ground was too far, so he escaped into one of his cities, finally diving between the sand grains themselves—just as it washed away. He was safe, but only for a moment—he had not drowned yet, but the surge of water sluiced him into menonterken, the great gorge that in its own way circles the world. It took him far far away where, even as he was rescued by a most beautiful sound, he feared his mother would be so angry she would decide to forget him. But her thoughts, you can imagine, were very, very different.

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