Eliala’s 89th Place of Refuge (Tempat Persembunyian Eliala yang ke-89)

  • Linear Location

    Just outside Tololela, Flores, Indonesia (8°53'35"S 120°58'56"E)


Here Eliala overslept and was awoken just in the nick of time–her next safe place turned out to be Sacklnaus (in what we call Iceland), but first she had to make her way to a most unusual border.


One parks at the bottom of the hill and walks about a kilometer up the hill.  Access is during the day.  The Kcymaerxthaere installation is just outside the entrance to the village.  To go into the traditional village of Tololela, you need to first speak to the community leaders (and also get permission for photography).

Public Dedication

We finished deep into the dark, with the whole community up with us–and then the last letter was in and the mess cleaned up, we took a celebratory picture.  A great couple of days!

English Text on this Installation

The part of the story installed here:

Eliala’s 89th Place of Refuge

Eliala Mei-Ning was a singer of Kcymaerxthaere, a parallel universe filled with stories. Eliala’s voice was so beautiful it could not be concealed, since only her voice was so exquisite. And she always wanted to sing. Had to sing. But when she was the only witness to a terrible crime, her voice unmasked her to those pursuing her. From her 55th place of refuge, Eliala came here, her 89th place, a place of peace. Ironically, it was here oversleeping with dreams of glory almost cost her everything. Her friends here reminded her of the treacherous Oklnau rezhn border nearby—and her voice was the key to her 144th refuge.

And in Bahasa Indonesia:

Tempat Persembunyian Eliala yang ke-89

Eliala Mei-Ning adalah seorang biduan dari Kcymaerxthaere, dunia paralel penuh dongeng. Suara Eliala sangat merdu tak tersamarkan, karena hanya ia yang memiliki suara semerbu itu, Ia selalu ingin menyanyi. Harus menyanyi. Namun ketika ia menjadi sakej kejahatan keji, suaranya justru mengualikan keberadaannya tiaq. Kali ia lari sembunyi dari pengejaranya. Dari tempat persembunyannya yang ke-55, Eliala datang ke tempat ke-89 ini, dimana ia menemukan kedamaian. Ironisnya, di sinilah ia nyaris kehilangan semuanya karena terbuai mimpi kejayaan. Tapi temannya di sini mengingatkan akan Oklnau, batas Rezhn yang misterius dan berbahaya, di mana suaranya adalah kunci menuju tempat persembunyian ke-144.


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