Fourth Justice

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    Off Fouhse Crescent, Humboldt, SK, Canada (52°11'42"N 105°5'55"W)



The marker is located in front of a fence on private property and easily viewable from outside the fence. Please remain outside the fence when visiting this site.

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Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Fourth Justice

Most legal systems of the xthaere tended to offer three forms of resolution: physical punishments of the transgressor, some sort of symbolic—but meaningful—impact (fines or reprisals), or the arbitrary action. The alignment of so many particular dimensions in this gwome permitted a fourth resolution: if the court ruled that an action should not have taken place, the criminal and the victim were taken back in time to the moment of injury and the offending events prevented. Typically, the victim would return to their younger self, while the aggressor would lose that time forever, but both parties would retain the experience of what had no longer unfolded. Most offenders were jealous of the reprised youth of the injured party, but for some victims the reprise felt more like a reprisal. Vindication was not justice. The serendipity of their painful journey had at least brought new soulmates—who were now returned to strangers. Genowa and Falteir were only the most famous of such bluntly parted lovers.


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