Gevrian Melam’s New Beginning

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    Atheneum adjacent, New Harmony, Indiana, US (38°7'58"N 87°56'15"W)


Installation # 102

N 34° 8’ 49.45”, W 116° 17’ 59.02”

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, for these were words from the shape language known as beshwa nyelvate, spoken by the underwater culture that lived in this river. What was more surprising is that a young boy named Gevrian Melam washed up here too. And, since he normally breathed underwater, no one thought he could survive—in fact, his bereft family assumed he was lost for good. After all, for them the water was safe, and it was dry land that was as dangerous to them as being plunged into the raging sea is for most of us.

It is well known that there is a profound difference between culturally aquatic peoples and biologically aquatic ones like Gevrian’s. And well known too that, despite many different languages among marine biologically aquatic cultures, in flowing freshwater, all such cultures speak some form of beshwa nyelvate (admittedly with divers dialects). Indeed, that unity was key to Iglesia Guiterrez’ discovery that most rivers in the world are connected, but only in another jemvela (that is the general terms for qualities of existence—like Time, Space, Ferylemt and others). The shapes you see here represent the words that washed up with Gevrian—many believe they are on the very spots.

Palindromes have special importance in all nyelvates because they help their words heal— important since many of the words in those languages have very sensitive feelings. And, as the words healed themselves, that healing energy helped others. So, in underwater cultures, it was common for families of those lost to the land to speak a palindrome, bruise it slightly, and let it be washed up near their loved one in hopes they might heal as well. And heal both Gevrian and the palindrome did, but afterwards he could only function in atmospheres. Still, his family would have been proud: without using a weapon, he was widely considered the bravest on any battlefield–for it was courage of another sort. And, though at the center of the terrible fighting known as the reis p virelsj, or The Madness, he survived to know and cherish Culev Larsze–who ended that bloody chaos at great personal cost.

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The part of the story installed here:

A Healing Palindrome

A generation of generations ago, the seasonal flood waters that covered this field receded after a particularly devastating season. It was no surprise that forms like these were left behind,

Nyelvate word meaning: FLOATING