Great Dangaroo Flood

  • Linear Location

    Old Compton Street, London, England, UK (51°30'49"N 0°7'47"W)


The flood is known as the Great Dangaroo Flood because when the band of Tehachapi arrived at the height of the flood in their rafts of asphalt, they assumed that only Dangaroos, the giant war kangaroos whose huge claws could disembowel a man from 20 paces. Their devastating strength was decisive against the Material Alliance (of whom the Tehachapi were a reluctant part) at the Battle of the Devils Marbles, the beginning of the Tehachapic exile.


Number 7, Old Compton St, 1/2 block off Tottenham Court Road, in linear London, UK.

Though at times there has been construction going on at street level, it is easily visible from the other side of the street–since the marker is installed is quite high because of the waterline of the flooding.

It is on the same building as Bar Termini and next door to the home of La Bodega Negra and some spectacular neon.

Public Dedication

The plaque was installed on March 15th, but the first formal public experience of it was during the Kymaerica London Bus Tour on 3/17/7.

This was Kcymaerxthaere installation #028 and the third in what we call the United Kingdom.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Great Dangaroo Flood

This plaque has been placed at the high water mark of one of the worst floods of En’Kymhuirian times. Incredibly, after two years at sea on their rafts of asphalt, the Tehachapi, the great road builders of Estrelliia [the initial k is not usually written], nearly foundered here at the end. But that first dusc, as the waters receded, the sky cleared, revealing a sign: no new heavens at all, but, for just that one night, the stars from their other side of the world; and so they called the place kNow Estrelliia—the name now given to this whole rezhn of Arctic Islands.


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