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    Hopcat, 25 Ionia Ave., Grand Rapids, Michigan, US (42°57'44"N 85°40'12"W)


Grwosts are thin, almost in the sense of a sheet of oil, but they are not a liquid at all. And these creatures have the ability to help solve the problem that many gwomes have strikingly different qualities of dimension than their neighbors–so there can be great risk. Individuals are much lower risk than multitudes are, which has thankfully prevented most massive invasions across time frontiers.


This plaque is just inside the front door of Hopcats—to the left. It is accessible during their normal business hours (which we are pretty sure means that even minors can visit it so long as they are in the restaurant part)



Hopcats Brewery
25 Ionia Ave SW
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503


Public Dedication

On September 27th, we had a great tour of all 5 of the Grand Rapids sites–starting at Erailen Gwome (near Kendall College of Art and Design) and finishing at Grwostlaven–here at Hopcats, where we quaffed both the Pel Kwint (and the Kwin Tel–from Aywatin gwome)

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:


A generation of generations ago, this part of Erailen (which, in turn, was basically what we now consider greater Grand Rapids), was known as Grwostlaven: the District of Grwosts. Grwosts were the remarkable—and beyond thin—creatures with the ability to travel the missing dimensions (generally considered to be 29 in number) of the xthaere. Popularly known as time guides, grwosts did not, strictly speaking, travel through time, but rather lubricated travel between radically different qualities of time and space.

Needless to say, with a frontier as legendary as the one between Erailen and Aywatin, there was much call for grwosts. Grwostlaven was full of saloons and boardinghouses where travelers could find the guides they needed (a bit different than the process across what we call the Grand River). While there was some real risk for individuals—even if Minotsuna Tano, Cataawa, and Amory Frontage (pronounced Fron-TAHJ) seemed to not need guides at all, large groups such as armies were virtually assured significant casualties. Though losses of a fifth of the cohort are almost certainly mere legend, it did make the drinking of a Pel Kwint the night before a crossing a treasured military tradition.


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