Harsh Pasture

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    Oratunga, Blinman, SA, Australia (31°2'8"S 138°36'16"E)



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The part of the story installed here:

Harsh Pasture

In Kcymaerxthaereal times, this area was awash in overlapping eddies of solid form, concentrating the nutrient rich waste products of the surrounding lichen gwomes. It was here the hardiest and strongest Dangaroos loved to forage on the strange plants that thrived on lichen waste. Dangaroos are the war kangaroos harnessed by many gwomes—most famously by the People of the Rock. Dangaroos could disembowel an adversary at 20 paces and the pouches (interestingly, possessed both by the males and females) not only could hold a man, but they were protected by a kind of matted armor. Only the toughest survived this pasture—indeed, the mortality rate for juveniles was quite high—depending on the nature of the voided prophecies and poetry of the lichen. But the survivors were fearsome fighters. Dangaroos raised here were said to have led the key charge in the Battle of the Devil’s Marbles—and later ruthlessly pursued the doomed Third Band of the Tehachapi.

This seemingly severe ecosystem also made it the perfect place for the living shapes known as polyhaedra to spend certain seasons of the Pejephen Year (about 744 of our days). Often categorized quite clumsily as one of the creatures without metabolism (or more cruelly as grwosts with a weight problem), polyhaedra were more accurately a configuration of lines, points, and xaethyrs with mortality and conscience. Further, these configurations connected across many different dimensions of the universe—those of time, space, ferylemt, and even the quality of existence whose name was not a word in our sense, but a sensation: [the feeling of being sheltered but quite exposed in a high wind]—ironically a sensation not fully perceptible in the dimensions so named (a bit like English speaking people slowly forgetting they had known the term déjà vu).


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