Hornby Uintotherium

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    Ferry Landing, Hornby Island, B.C., Canada (49°30'48"N 124°42'14"W)


The plaque concerns a remarkable creature known as the Hornby Uintotherium. It is one of the smallest of the Uintotheria and usually quite docile, although occasionally a stubborn one can do some damage. Uintotheria look abit like rhinoceros, but have the strangest knob and growth like protrusions on their heads. Some people say they are shy because of how they look.


Shingle Spit 2-6
Hornby Island BC Canada

On the outside of the restaurant, not far from where you wait for the ferry.

Public Dedication

Installed at the Thatch Pub, right where the ferry from Denman lands. The ceremony was delightfully attended, including some wonderful cookies that paid special tribute to the Uintotheria. The several local supporters who have been heavily involved in the creature’s preservation showed us their gratitude which we were grateful for.

The event even including an appearance by nobility, the Lord and Lady of Balls. There was a little controversy over the plaque’s reference to the slang term, “Tagan Brides,” but all who had seen a Hornby Uintotheria in person agreed they were remarkably dear. Hope we’ll see you there.

The Part of the Story Installed Here

The part of the story installed here:

Hornby Uintotherium

Hornby Island is the only home of the Hornby Uintotherium, a strange rhinoceros-like herbivore distinguished by the array of horns, knobs and tusks protruding from its head in all directions. Much smaller than their mainland cousins, Hornby Uintotheria are the size of medium sized dogs and are quite docile, lacking natural enemies on the island. Sometimes called Tagan Brides, they travel in small herds and feed on grass, small shrubs and washed up seaweed.


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