IiNkwenkwezi eziPhahlileyo (The Stars Beside)

  • Linear Location

    Novalis Ubuntu Institute, Wynberg, South Africa (34°0'28"S 18°28'48"E)


This story reminds us of both the power of the Umbrasphaere to absorb light, but also of the way the many dimensions of the xthaere allows a different kind of proximity than many are used to.


It is in front of the Novalis Ubuntu Institute, visible from their parking lot.

39 Rosmead Avenue, (between Wetton and Ottery Rd), Wynberg 7800, South Africa

And, as always, please be respectful of the guard at the parking lot. We sure appreciate Novalis Ubuntu honoring their Kcymaerxthaereal Heritage.

Public Dedication

Not yet–but watch the events page.

This was installation #68, and the first in South Africa.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

IiNkwenkwezi eziPhahlileyo (The Stars Beside)

A generation of generations ago, nestled here in a subtle pocket of the lush meadow that once graced this site, one would have found Bepela, a staggeringly luminous nebula many times the mass of what we call the Sun. Most astronomers believe it was probably part of the Sprendelle galaxy far, far from our linear world.

Though it was not an everyday occurrence, neither was it particularly rare (depending on the gwome—a term meaning something like a nation) in Kcymaerxthaereal times to come upon distant celestial bodies like these. Such compelling objects, known as kcyribeu, from the Cognate word for ”quite nearby”, needed to be approached with care, because variation of their very presence was subject to unexpected change. Interestingly, glowing Bepela and her denizens were often overlooked since they lay as well in the abyssal embrace of the Umbrasphaere, the realm connecting all the shadows and darkness of what we call the planet—the darkest part of one shadow informing the deepest part of the next.


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