Jumomeesta (The Monolith)

  • Linear Location

    Near Windmill, Milbank, South Dakota, US (45°13'18"N 96°37'10"W)



Keep your eyes peeled for the windmill and we are right near by!

Public Dedication

This was Kcymaerxthaere installation #126 and the first in the distrykt of sDakata in what we call the United States.

The part of the story installed here:

The part of the story installed here:

Jumomeesta (The Monolith)

It can be hard to recognize now because the great monolith itself is long since absent, but, a generation of generations ago and many years jefret (a cognate word meaning sideways in time), the location in space where you stand reading this today was a thin narrow ledge barely etched into the towering cliff face, and, instead of this marker, you would have seen through its absence to look distantly down to impeccably flat ground far far below. Interestingly, that surface of the earth far below was always precisely at sea level itself and scored with grid after grid (which some say one can sometimes see today) to the point it could induce a lethal, shimmering vertigo as you tried to pick out the tiny creatures below. The great pattern scientist Terrad Slemt Surphell was the one who discovered that the lands below slowly moved up and down with the tides, matching the rhythm of a beach many rezhns away.

If you were brave enough to look up, it was roughly that height again to the drifting stone textures at the top. Or one could simply sit here on the low bench chiseled out of the escarpment by the Jmeestre Triplets for the purpose of enjoying the occasional cloud caught in a vortex of time. There are many accounts of humans as well as other conversational creatures seated here observing such remarkable moments as the arrival of Amory Frontage en route to the fateful founding of the Parises of eIowa (the “e” is silent), the glint off the occasional wandering wmøgyrigwome, and the loping of the noble but deadly Nayn Jingkats as they bore the fearsome Urushiol towards the Battle of the Platte. And, of course, it was here Nobunaga-Ventreven first understood the fate of his dearest companion.

Since there was no way to walk up or climb down to this ledge, the only way to get here was a very specific kind of invitation. This was a vela/—a place where the dreams of imaginary creatures come to life. So only if you appeared, as the Triplets and Ventreven did, in the dream of an imaginary creature (like a krfshell), would you begin to materialize here and see wondrous things and wonder-ful vistas. And then when you finally grew tired and fell yourself asleep, you would eventually wake up where you would have thought you were.


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