Kulver Glade

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    10401 W. Jefferson Blvd., Culver City, California, US (34°0'27"N 118°23'30"W)


The Kulver Glade was a fragment of a once vaster forest with unique properties–especially for those having children (this attraction was not all limited to humans). The rumor about Earl Frontage is still not proven, but might be related to the settlement of the Paris of pCalifornia. But that is definitely speculative.





Installed in front of 10401 WEST JEFFERSON BLVD, Culver City, California 90232

And, as always, please be courteous to the locals.

Public Dedication

Plaque is in front of 10401 WEST JEFFERSON BLVD, Culver City, California 90232

The event was at 3, the actual dedication started at 3:30.

It was alot of fun. In addition to the plaque, we have an unveiling of a rather large wall installation showing a detailed map of Kymaerica and the location of various key sites and gwomes. The specific plaque identifies the site of the Kulver Glade (which many believe gave linear Culver City its name), the last remaining portion of the Lesser Paralytic Forest which covered much of the area. It may even have been the home of the last Kulver, though sightings are still reported sporadically in neighboring gwomes. The glade also has much spiritual significance, being related under certain circumstances to psychic powers.

The 2 giant photomurals that make up the Kulver Glade installation. Though not intended to be permanent, they offered much insight into the Kymaerican project through the end of 2008.

We should also point out that educators from the Museum of the Bench led attendees through some very spirited games of Chef Ni Zhinn.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Kulver Glade

These trees are descendants of a benign remnant of the Lesser Paralytic Forest which once covered much of Greater Mar Vista and parts of Alleigh (primarily s.III). The toxic resin of those predatory trees immobilized their prey, including Giant Sloths, migrating Hemits (the flightless birds of Avalon), and even people. However, their favored diet was the Kulver, a nutrient rich organism similar to an acre of aspic.

This small, resilient glade long offered important shelter. Even the skittish Sandafuegan Uintotheria calved in its shade, while the Tehachapi carefully routed an early road (the Dgefison Sphaltway) to avoid harming or inflaming its powers. And, of course, midwives from as far away as the Anselmeaux Sea Mount brought their charges here to give birth. It was common knowledge that a child born here, in the nimbus of the gwome’s last Kulvers, was, at that very moment, being born at least one other place as well. Sometimes claimed as the birthplace of Earl Frontage, this site is known to be one of the two places where the explorer Iglesia Guitierrez, who discovered the headwaters of the Alleigh River (along with so much else), came into this world.


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