La Plaza de la Luna

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    Plaza Santa Maria Soledad Torres Acosta, Madrid, Spain (40°25'16"N 3°42'19"W)


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This is the first time we have been able to honor a gateway to the Umbrasphaere—the connection between all the shadows and darkness on the planet. The darkest part of one shadow is always related to the darkest part of the next.

It also is a wonderful reminder of the way Nobunaga-Ventreven himself was such a connector of disparate parts of Kcymaerxthaere, his commitment to the richness of the world was, in some ways, unparalleled.


Address: Plaza Santa Maria Soledad Torres Acosta, right in front of the police station, not far from the Gran Via, Madrid, Spain



Public Dedication

We had an amazing lunar landing party for the dedication.

This was Kcymaerxthaere installation #079 and the fourth in linear Spain.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

La Plaza de la Luna

Though today we call it Plaza de la Luna, the original name of this place is known to be the plural—Plaza de las Lunas—after the luminous perimeter of moons that occasionally gilt its rim. In Kcymaerxthaereal times, every 257 orbits of our visible moon, 29 different moons from 29 different dimensions (each symbolic of the 29 subtracted infinities of any xthaere) gathered in mutual eclipse at the edges of this plaza—all at full size (some even dwarfing our own planet), yet somehow held within this very space. Whether causing or caused by such gathered forces, roughly where you stand right now was a rare and invaluable portal—a deceptively gentle gateway to the umbrasphaere—the connection between all the shadows, darkness and lightless places of the what we call the Earth.

Dangerous and fraught with peril, since the darkest part of one shadow formed a continuity with the darkest part of the next, the umbrasphaere was a powerful route of travel, even allowing surviving travelers to avoid almost all ywrengs (time frontiers). It was here at the Plaza de las Lunas, that Nobunaga-Ventreven, fresh from the lichen gwomes of what we call Soria, came to take the fastest route to pSegolene, a place too far to reach, but once there, only a short distance to just about anywhere else. There, he would find Eliala Mei-Ning, the woman whose voice was too beautiful to be concealed, and so leave his unique mark on the Battle of Some Times, where Kmpass, the Urgend God of Directionality, was defeated in his attempt to remove all complexity from the world. It is the Plaza de la Luna’s role in that journey and preserving the richness of Kcymaerxthaere that is celebrated each linear year here with the glory and chiaroscuro that defines the Festival of the Subtracted Moons.

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