Land of the Warres

  • Linear Location

    4701 Perkins St., Cleveland, Ohio, US (41°30'25"N 81°39'17"W)


Kcymaerxthaere’s creatures without metabolism have provoked a great deal of interest in the biological research communities. It turns out there quite a few type of creatures very similar to warres. And then very different creatures like Agogatlovs whose only character in common is this lack of metabolism.


On the wall right off Perkins Street.

Public Dedication

Our dedication was a tour of other Warrn sites in the area.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Land of the Warres

Those that peopled this place once were not people, not even linear life forms, but they were a robust, interdependent culture, even a community, looking out for each other—if they had only been able to see; warming each other—if they had only been alive. But they did triangulate deep truths from the world around them.

Indeed, builders before and after Warrea times found themselves echoing their patterns, building in and on their forms, reusing their secretions and cleves (Cognate for “husks”). This surviving compound was just part of a vast complex of structures, a kind of petrification by masonry, stretching deep along the shore and extending far below the surface of the Great Lake. Even the Tehachapi sphaltways of this area honor and respect the Warrn paths of understanding. And what one sees today would not have surprised these ancients, because they had constructed their own appropriate senses.


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