Los Prados Gnacien (Gnacien Paddock)

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    Just outside Pedraza, Spain (41°7'47"N 3°47'49"W)


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Gnaciens were deer-like creatures with 7 legs. Their prime numbered legs were incredibly delicious and could sustain someone for a long time–BUT ONLY IF the person had the willpower to take only a single bite. To the gluttonous, it was no different than any other meal.  Their non-prime numbered legs were poisonous unto death. What we see here is the remaining wall of an ancient paddock for these gentle creatures.


This plaque is located about 1 1/2 hours north of Madrid.

It is on the north side of V-2511 about 2 miles east of the town of Pedraza, famous for its delicious lamb.

Look for a small spring filling a rectangular pool about 3 meters long. It is not far from there.

Public Dedication

After it was installed on the 26th of July, a wonderful picnic was held. Then all concerned headed to Losana to restore the wall there. This site was soon visited by many right honorable members of the community.

This was Kcymaerxthaere Installation #38, and the first in linear Spain.

Text by the Remnant of the Paddock

Los Prados Gnacien (Gnacien Paddock)

In Kymaerican times, low walls like these would likely have held Gnaciens, seven legged deer-like creatures with a graceful gait but no leap. Raised for food, they were also helpful with mathematical theory. The meat from their prime numbered legs was distinctively delicious and a single bite could sustain a person for a week (only the strong willed, like Nobunaga-Ventreven or Federica the Unifier, could resist overindulgence). However, the composite (non-prime) numbered legs were toxic unto death—as the Lector of Empedraza, famous for his argument that the number 1 was really a prime number, confirmed at the price of his life. This pen is thought to have been the home of the Royal herd itself. Even today, unconfirmed Gnacien sightings from this vantage point are occasionally reported, particularly before dusk.

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