Nature of the Waters

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    Hill Country Humidor, San Marcos, Texas, US (29°52'57"N 97°56'23"W)


Tells of the death of the Marshal of Gravity, Aocwatt Stciwne, by the gun of Mdeu Hayz. It is unusual because guns are not absent, but relatively rare in Kcymaerxthaere. It is also worth calling attention to the fact to the language spoken here was <em>Deralkohn</em> (pronounced [like a small quartzite rock falling from a height of about 3 feet (one meter) into a pile of crushed marble], one of the exquisite languages requiring the speaker to have an almost unlimited to ability to create sound effects.

Strangely, this plaque was diverted by renegades but we have found it again and it has now been installed by leading Kcymaerxthaereal scholar B. Mayer.


Plaque is located on the Town Square of San Marcos.

122 North LBJ Drive
San Marcos, TX

It is on the front of Hill Country Humidor.  Rob’s site is here.  Be sure to take a look around inside–pretty amazing world whether you are a cigar person or not.

Public Dedication

By the town square . . .

There was a singing of the song Kymaerica, Sambamba Dier noonish on Saturday May 27th, 2006.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Nature of the Waters

On a moonless night, long long beside living memory, the revered Marshal of Gravity, Aocwatt Stciwne (pronounced like a small flat metal slicing into still water), was murdered, shot in the back by Lt. Mdeu Hayz, his wife’s lover. From a raised sidewalk at this spot, his body slumped into the river. At that time, the waters of the San Marcos covered all the gwome of Markohn Najeralki, even here in the town square, to a depth of precisely 3 tsomanf feet (about a yard). From a distance, the hills seemed to wear a kind of living resin. Whether over hilltop, gully or slope, the water flowed in cool exacting echo of the land’s contours, which is why in this area one occasionally still comes across hilltop homes—and roads—upon stilts.


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