Nayumbo’s Wall

  • Linear Location

    Brooks Road, Lincoln, Massachusetts, US (42°26'47"N 71°18'34"W)


Nayumbo’s contribution to the xthaere was not simply a matter of his philosophical writings, but also the physicality with which graced the landscape and the rare treasure trove of interviews that he did, giving us the few insights we do have to grwost behavior and culture.


On East side of Brooks Road in linear Lincoln, Massachusetts (near Nineteen Brooks Rd), about 100 yards north of Route 2, but check a map before you go, because you cannot take a right from Route 2 heading west, so you need to circle around.

Public Dedication

There was much singing of songs–and wonderful meal prepared to Nayumbo’s standards at the local household.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Nayumbo’s Wall

This wall, though today little more than widely separated fragments, once stretched without interruption from the far ocean to the heights of the White Mountains. It was the work of a single man, Nayumbo, a philosopher descended from one of the original East Afrikan families (believed to be Bejani fishermen from what we now call the linear Kenya) who explored the Mississippi River Valley. From the age of twenty, starting by the shore of Buzzard’s Bay, he worked alone, laboring on his wall by day, and by night compiling his never finished catalogue of Kymaerican time grwosts. Though his writing is mostly known through citations by others, some of his extraordinary dialogues with the allusive Time Guides survive.


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