Nematomas zoologijos sodas (Zoo of Invisibilities)

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    Kruonio gimnazija, Kruonis, Lithuania


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Kruonio Gimnazija
Darsūniškio g. 11,
LT-56319 Kaišiadorių r.,


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Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Nematomas zoologijos sodas (Zoo of Invisibilities)

In Kcymaerxthaereal times, the king who ruled this place—and many other lands besides—had gathered a menagerie of grwost gettak, the so-called invisible creatures: frogs, xthaedransg, and quite a few others. At first, they seemed easy to keep in their cages, but eventually the king realized his castle was getting overrun. Gnel Wrangor, still called by most the Boy from Sea, and legendary for the structures he created, heard of this and offered to make a home for them.

Wrangor studied the creatures for many seasons. Ultimately, he discovered the frogs, for example, were really more of an almost-frog (unknown in this rezhn) that could jump forward, backward, and especially jefret (sideways) in Time with every hop—even entering other dimensions as well. And their every muscle gave as taut a sound as any guitar. So instead of a cage, Wrangor built the almost-frogs a special concert hall visible only in the spring. And so with each creature: instead of cages, homes all across the land for each organism’s best self. Finally, it seemed it was only Gnel Wrangor who was confined, because the king refused him leave until the vast effort was utterly complete. Stranger still Gnel was, for a while, quite content, even eager, to disappear into these works.

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