Neue (und alte) Bravenleavanne

  • Linear Location

    Malzfabrik, Bessemerstraße 2-22, Berlin, Germany (52°27'58"N 13°22'0"E)


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This is the plaque at the entrance to the Malzfabrik and appropriately features the site’s connection to the Bravenleavanne, though visitors will discover other histories. The other nice thing is there is a map of the whole Bravenleavanne/Malzfabrik complex–allowing one to easily find the various sites.


Bessemerstraße 2-22,
12103 Berlin, Germany

Public Dedication

Part of a tour of all Kcymaerxthaere plaques at the Malzfabrik.

Text of the Marker

Neue (und alte) Bravenleavanne

Familiar today as the site of the iconic Malzfabrik, this place was also the focus of a rich and powerful scholarship in Kcymaerxthaere. This was the location, seen in the paintings of Forrest Bess, of the second and most glorious Bravenleavanne, with its monastery district whose very wonder was in profound tension with their values—leading to that gwome’s striking fate. Still, it remained a pillar of the Monasterial Mesh that linked such districts and the learned around what we would call the Earth. Even today, the enduring influence of such ties can be seen atop the Malzfabrik’s four iconic stacks, their distinctive vanes inspired by the intricate control apparatus for the connecting lines and cables.

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