Place of Refuge

  • Linear Location

    On pillar in front of Straits Clan, Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore (1°16'45"N 103°50'25"E)


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This is the place where two of the key characters of the xthaere finally met and, moving quickly towards their still evolving fates, changed the stories of many lives.


Easily accessible.  Underneath the overhang of 31 – 37 Bukit Pasoh Road, and by the front door to Straits Clan, you can read out of the Sun or rain—or both as happens sometimes in linear Singapore.  Hats off to our new hosts for re-installing the marker so beautifully.

Public Dedication

Dedication was epic—storytelling and disputed likeness making at the Botanical Garden, then a bus tour (we needed two buses!!!) to the Marker—with the Geographer-at-Large telling stories and the transcendent Inch Chua singing songs Eliala might have sung.  And one more song at the plaque itself.  Last, we had a ceremony at the upstairs New Majestic Bar—fantastic.

Text of the Marker

The part of the story installed here:

Place of Refuge

After fleeing her last place of refuge (number 317,811, left crowned with the Crystals of Refrain), Eliala Mei-Ning, she whose voice was too beautiful to be concealed, found herself here—in the gwome of pSegolene, legendary as a land impossibly far to get to, yet, once leaving, just a short distance to every place else. The labyrinth on this spot was Eliala’s next, or 514,229th, home. She lingered, staying on for some time, helping at a kind of trade school in generous company. Eventually Eliala, eager at last to echo that spirit, transfixed them with her gift, even knowing that the merciless Puhnee would be resume their ruthless pursuit. But Nobunaga-Ventreven found her in time. Quickly he explained how she could turn the Battle of Some Times, saving not only his beloved Mlates, but complexity itself. In a flash, they stood at the Hub of pSegolene, less than half a day from anywhere, including what she sensed would be a very different kind of refuge: her 832,040th—an underwater desert battlefield off the coast of what we call Namibia.

And in Simplified Chinese characters:

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