Pleasures of the Yaarayehyay

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    On a hill overlooking Phera, Solukhumbu, Nepal (27°33'39"N 86°34'32"E)




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The part of the story installed here:

Yaarayehyay का खुशीह􁱨

Yaarayehyays were giant five and a half winged birds who used that half-wing to fly through Time and ferylemt—a quality of existence as different from Time and Space as they were from each other. This allowed them to fly with great safety to the Moon and beyond. Even with Tāyakōphalla (present-day Nyukte) smaller than it once was, these birds delighted in the air currents here and the way they were woven through myriad dimensions of ferylemt. At just the right time of day, people and other creatures would gather at these vantage points just to watch the great creatures as they cavorted above and below. Over time, Wu/drōciell got to know them, finally enlisting them in her plan—since only a flock of these marvelous birds would have the strength to lift the huge mass of the precious mineral evriat from Tāyakōphalla and return it to its home.


The part of the story installed here:

Yaarayehyay का खुशीह􁱨

Yaarayehyayह􁱨 िवशाल पाँच वटा र आधा पँखेटा भएका चराह􁱨 􁱟न् जसले उ􁲦 आधा पँखेटालाई समय फे􁳯रलेम्ट (ferylemt)
ितनीह􁱨 एक अकार्मा जित िभ􁳖 􁱟न्छन् समय र ठाउँ अनु􁱨प ितनीह􁱨को अिस्तत्वको गुणस्तर पिन त्यित नै िभ􁳖 􁱟न्छ, अनुसार उड्नको
लािग 􁮧योग गथ􁱷। यसले उनीह􁱨लाई चन्􁮤मा र सोभन्दा मािथ सुरिक्षत 􁱨पले उड्न अनुमित 􁳰दन्थ्यो। Tāyakōphalla (वतर्मानमा नुक्ड
(Nyukte) पिन योभन्दा सानो िथयो, यी चराह􁱨 यहाँका वायु 􁮧वाहह􁱨 तथा ितनीह􁱨ले फे􁳯रलेम्ट का असंख्य आयामह􁱨􁳇ारा बुनेका
मागर्ह􁱨मा मस्त 􁱟न्थे। 􁳰दनको सही समयमा, ितनीह􁱨ले मािथ र तल उ􁴀􁮨ँदै खेलेका उत्कृ􁳥 􁳰􁮓चरह􁱨 हेनर्का लािग मािनस र अन्य 􁮧ाणीह􁱨
यस 􁮧ेक्षण स्थलमा जम्मा 􁱟न्थे। समयसँगै, Wu/drōciell ले ितनीह􁱨लाई िचन्दै जानुभयो, अन्त्यमा ितनीह􁱨लाई आफ्नो योजनामा
सूचीब􁳍 गनुर्भयो—􁳰कनभने यी अद्भुत चराह􁱨को एउटा समूहमा मा􁮢 Tāyakōphalla को ब􁱟मूल्य खिनज इि􁮪यट (evriat) को िवशाल
िपण्डलाई उठाउने र यसलाई यसको घर फकार्उने शि􁲦 􁱟न्थ्यो।

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